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Comic Reviews is a fresh new part of the TalkTanks family of media that provides what the title implies….We give our opinions and reviews about comic books, that’s right you guessed it! The reviews themselves will be short and to the point. As editor of I know you just f-ed up and happened to get to my site and I will make a point to not keep you long as far as reading goes. And hey why read a long review anyway when you could just read the 23ish page comic myself and contributing writers are writing about.

– Vito Editor



The Gang of Harleys are already in trouble and it’s the one and only original Harley Quinn to the rescue in this continuation of last month’s storyline called “Fish Food.” If you saw Jay’s comment in the Upcoming Comics article, you know already that Amanda Conner’s cover for this issue is an homage to Action Comics No. 421(1973), which featured the first appearance of Popeye look-alike Captain Horatio Strong. Strong is an ordinary sailor who develops extraordinary powers after eating an alien seaweed which is both addictive and, ultimately, destructive. In this issue, Harley decides to go after him on his own level, consuming the radioactive green stuff herself, resulting in a six-page hallucination full of pirates and swashbuckling. This alone, makes this book a must-buy in my estimation.

– Elena Carrillo


batman  new 52 1

Batman Review #1 – Being that this will be the first post to the Comic Reviews I thought it would be smart to go with a #1 myself. The new 52 Batman #1 (issue 1) was a first glance very dense looking and feeling as far as the writing style goes but in the end will grip the crap out of you. If you are not turned on to Batman (New 52) by the end of the first issue then well comics just aint for you son – Shane


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